Feb 222016

Vivofit3bGarmin recently announced their latest fitness tracker, the Vivofit 3. The Vivofit 3 tracks steps, calories, distance, intensity minutes,  time of day, and also monitors sleep. The display is backlit for nighttime viewing, and the battery lasts for 1 year.

One of the cool new additions is a feature called Move IQ. Move IQ can tell if you are walking, running, biking, and using an elliptical, and automatically logs this exercise. There is no need to start and stop your workouts anymore. You can transfer your workouts to Garmin Connect if you want to check them out in more detail.

Garmin Connect

The Vivofit 3 can also sense extended periods of inactivity, and reminds you to get up and move around.


The Vivofit retails for $99.95.

Feb 152016
Withings Go Fitness Tracker

Withings has introduced their latest fitness tracker, the Go. The Withings Go is a small fitness tracker that shows how active you’ve been, and how far you you are from your goal. It can track walking, running, swimming, and hours of sleep. It is water resistant up to 50 meters. It uses an E Ink display, which saves battery life. The Go gets approximately 8 months between battery changes. It also comes with a wristband, so that you can wear it like a watch:

Jan 172016
Polar Balance Smart Scale

One of Polar’s latest offerings is the Polar Balance smart scale. Here is the info from their website: Did you gain a few of those Christmas pounds? Or maybe made a new year’s resolution to start a healthier life. The new Polar Balance is a complete weightmanagement service that combines the Polar Balance Bluetooth® Smart [Read More…]

Jan 102016
Garmin Introduces Three New fēnix 3 Sapphire Multisport Watches

At the CES show, Garmin introduced 3 new fenix Multipart watches that includes Garmin Elevate wrist-based heart rate technology, additional activity profiles and new, stylish watch bands. The three new sapphire-lens options include a premium version featuring a titanium bezel and band, a version with easily interchangeable leather and nylon straps, and a version touting [Read More…]

May 132014
Garmin Introduces the Forerunner 15

Garmin announced the Forerunner 15 last week. The Forerunner 15 GPS running watch has built in daily activity tracking, including counting steps and calories burned all day, similar to the VivoFit. It alerts users when they’ve been sitting too long. For runners, the GPS watch tracks distance, pace, calories, personal records, and heart rate. The watch is great for indoor and outdoor training, and works with the optional foot pod when you’re on the treadmill.

May 072014
Suunto Teaming Up With Strava

Suunto announced that they are teaming up with Strava. Now, instead of manually exporting a Movescount gpx file from Suunto, and manually importing the file into Strava, you can now do it automatically with the press of a button. To get started, open Movescount, hover over the Connect tab, and click 3rd party applications: Next, click [Read More…]

May 022014
Strava Heat Map

Have you seen the Strava global heat map? So this is what Strava is doing with all of your data. They’ve taken the data from all of their users, and plotted it on a heat map to show the most popular run and bike routes: You can find the most popular places to ride and run [Read More…]