Dec 162011

Looking for last minute gift ideas for the athlete in your life?  Over the next week, we are going to bring you some gift ideas for the runner, swimmer and biker in your life. The two products for today are useful during this time of year if you commute or go on training rides in the morning or after work. They are two bike lights that can be used on your commute or training ride. The MiNewt 600 and MiNewt 300 bike lights from NiteRider are very solidly constructed, have rechargeable batteries, and can save your butt during those dark commutes and rides. The MiNewt 600 has 4 brightness settings; 600 lumens, 400 lumens, 275 lumens, and 40 lumens (useful for walking). Run times are 1:30 hours, 3:00 hours, 4:30 hours, and 30 hours respectively. In addition, there is a flash mode for getting drivers attention, which is very useful during daylight hours. Charge time is 5-6 hours with the supplied charger. List price is $149.00. You can find it on Amazon for $105.00 (check out the link or see below).

The MiNewt 300 is a 300 lumen bike light that has 3 brightness settings; 300 lumens, 165 lumens, and 125 lumens. The light runs for 2 hours, 3 hours and 6 hours at low brightness. It has a flash mode to get drivers attention, which saves battery life and is very useful during the day. It charges in approximately 5 hours, and can be charged from a USB jack on a computer, or with the supplied wall outlet charger. The light retails for  $100 (less on Amazon). It is easily mounted and removed from the handlebars of your favorite bike. The light can also be mounted on your helmet, which is especially useful during mountain bike rides.

More information can be found at the NiteRider website.

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  1. That’s a great gift idea. Thanks for sharing. I have a step-dad who could probably use one for Christmas. I hope I can get it shipped in time!

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