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I”ve yet to use RunKeeper, so I thought I would sign up and give it a try. I went to the RunKeeper site, and signed up for an account. It’s free, and takes only a second to sign up. It immediately takes you to a page where you can post a new activity. I thought I would browse the sight and see what it was all about. The first thing I noticed was that you can download RunKeeper for your iPhone or Android phone. I have both phones that I use for testing, so I can download the application on both phones to test and compare.

So what is RunKeeper? RunKeeper is a program that allows you to track your run. It uses the phone GPS to measure the distance you travel, and the time it takes to  perform your workout. With this, it can tell you total train time, speed, pace, distance, and calories burned. The latest version, released on December 14th, 2011, allows the app to use a Bluetooth SmartHRM like the Wahoo Fitness BLUEHR. Using the SmartHRM, the program can use the heart rate monitor and log heart rate in addition to all of the other measurements.

My early impression of RunKeeper was that it was a good basic training logging program. It allows you to use monitor distance, speed, pace, heart rate, and it allows you to log this data to your phone. You can then analyze it by uploading this data when the workout is over. You can create and save routes that you frequently travel. The app uses audio to let you know how fast and far you are running. The app allows you to pick a playlist from your phone during your workout. This is great if you use headphones and listen to music while training. Of course, the downside is that you need to carry your phone during training, which can be a pain when you are running. The software also relies on the GPS feature of your phone, which, depending on the phone and service, can be so-so. Still, if you are just starting a training program, and are not ready to invest into a GPS fitness watch, this software can be a great training tool. You can post your runs to Facebook and let certain friends view your workout. It also sends you email encouragement when you break a previous record. I have included some screen shots of the software so that you can get an idea:


Here are a few videos to give you a better idea on how the software works, and what to do with the data after your workout is over.:
If you want to learn more about RunKeeper, click here. If you already use it, let me know by leaving a comment what you think about it, and what your favorite features are.

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