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Today we are starting a multipart series on how to train with a heart rate monitor. Jennifer Lynn, who joined us as our newest guest blogger, will be covering this topic. To learn how to use your heart rate monitor while training, all that you need to know is how to measure your heart rate using a heart rate monitor watch, and Jennifer will teach you everything else.

Greetings to all of you fellow fitness enthusiasts out there and thank you for subscribing to this fun new blog! My name is Jennifer Lynn and I am hoping to help introduce and explain some general principles of Heart Rate Training to both novice and seasoned athletes! I have been asked many questions about Heart Rate Training throughout my years as a fitness instructor especially during my spinning classes since the true essence of Spinning embraces the brilliance of a well rounded repertoire of multi-level heart rate training.  Throughout this series, I will repeatedly be citing 3 excellent reference guides.   These books are amazing and if you are anxious to have a more in-depth understanding of heart rate training, check them out!

The Heart Rate Monitor Guidebook to Heart Zones Training by Sally Edwards






Cover of "Heart Zones Cycling: The Avid C...

Cover via Amazon


Heart Zones Cycling: The Avid Cyclist’s Guide to Riding Faster and Farther by Sally Edwards and Sally Reed




Cover of "Fitness Cycling (Fitness Spectr...

Cover via Amazon

Fitness Cycling: Programs for all Levels, Interests, and Distances by Dede Demet Barry, Michael Barry and Shannon Sovndal, MD





Sally Edwards outlines a 7 step system to get you started on your way to HR Training success. Let’s get excited! Today your heart rate journey begins!

The first step to identifying your own true heart rate zones happens by collecting some key data: Resting Heart Rate, Ambient Heart Rate, Recovery Heart Rate, and Max Heart Rate.

What????? Ok…here’s the break down…and your assignment for next blog….

Step 1 Find your resting heart rate by sleeping in your heart rate monitor.  You must do this test on a day when you can wake up naturally because the jarring sounds of an alarm clock will ruin the results.

When you wake up naturally, immediately look at your heart rate reading (or have your significant other check it out for you while you are sleeping). This number is know as your resting heart rate. I suggest checking the reading 2 or 3 times to ensure accuracy.

Step 2 Wear your heart rate all day long and notice your heart rate numbers when you are in a relaxed but awake state. This number is know as your ambient heart rate.

Step 3  Go to the gym or go for a walk or run or bike ride….do some “cardio.”  Observe your heart rate during the most taxing sections of your workout and record this information.

Step 4  ……I guess you will have to wait for next time….Have fun!!


Follow us over the next few weeks as we continue the series Heart Rate Training Decoded

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