Feb 202012

First Outdoor Training Ride

(A pic of a few of the team members)

Saturday was the season opener for our newly joined bike/tri club, Studio-S Racing. The last few years we raced for the local tri club, but this year we wanted to race with some of our friends from Studio-S  Racing, and we knew this would be a great fit for us. We had our first group meeting in February, and our first outdoor ride was Saturday. The weather started out around 30, with the daytime high around 45. It was sunny, and a great day for a ride. The  ride had two options; a 52 or 74 mile ride called the Brass Monkey. It started  in Kentucky about 45 minutes south of Cincinnati, in a little rural town called Verona. The halfway refueling point was in Jonesville (shown here):

(Downtown Jonesville)

The group was great, and everyone was friendly and fun. We opted for the shorter route, but our group got lost, and finished with a little over 63 miles. I was shocked by the number of hills that we encountered, but I know that training like this will help me when May comes around. All in all, a good training day.

(Scott and James)

Garmin Vector Delayed Again

BikeRadar.com is reporting that the Garmin Vector Power Meter release has been delayed again. It now looks like a summer launch.



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