May 112012

We are on a continuing journey to learn more about heart rate monitors, and the best way to choose the right one. Our website covers all types of electronics and tech stuff, but overwhelmingly, triathletes and runners come to our site to check out heart rate monitors and GPS watches. We have so many questions about how to choose the right heart rate monitor, we thought we would put together a series of posts covering all of the details. Today is a quick recap of the last few weeks.

And don’t forget – We also have other continuing blog posts and How To  Guides from Jennifer on How to Train With a Heart Rate Monitor, and from James on High Intensity Training…Will It Lead To Higher Performance?

To bring everyone up to speed, we started a new series called “How to Choose A Heart Rate Monitor“. We first discussed the different types of measuring sensors, and that types of sensors work better than others. We then discussed either choosing a heart rate monitor strap that works with a smartphone, or purchasing a heart rate monitor watch as our two preferred methods of measuring and logging workouts. We have not yet discussed in detail heart rate monitor watches yet; we are still in the discussion about heart rate monitor straps, smartphones, and the different applications that work with them. So far, we have taken a look at the SportsTracker Bluetooth heart rate monitor strap that works with Android, the SportsTracker Android application, the Polar H7 Bluetooth heart rate monitor strap for iPhone 4S, and the Wahoo Fitness Run/Gym Pack and Wahoo iPhone app that works with all versions of the iPhone. This should give you a feel for the different types of heart rate monitor straps and a few of the applications.

Here are some of the recent reviews we have done over the last three weeks:







Polar H7 Bluetooth low Power Heart Rate Monitor In Depth Review







Wahoo Fitness Run/Gym Pack In Depth Review








In the near future, we will be reviewing the Wahoo Fitness BlueHR heart rate monitor strap for the iPhone 4S, and comparing it to the Polar H7 Bluetooth Low Energy strap. I know many of you are looking forward to this shootout. We are also starting a more formal review of many of the smartphone apps, so stay tuned.

For now,

Happy Training!

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