Screen Shot 2012-05-28 at 9.26.08 AM

Screen Shot 2012-05-28 at 9.26.08 AM

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  1. Hi. i bought this watch and am happy with it. i wish there was a ‘more in detail’ book telling me how to go about setting up certain runs since it’s taking me a while. the one problem i have is with the current pace. it’s not accurate. i set watch to interval run – 10min at 5/km, 5min rest at 7/km, and 10min at 5/km. the first 10min i followed the average pace and made sure i kept to 5/km. when it came to the rest 7/km and the next 10min at 5/km i checked with the CURRENT PACE (doesn’t this mean what i’m running with at the time??) since i knew the average would be taking the average of the WHOLE run. Unfortunately when i synched the times were totally wrong. if the current pace told me that i was running at 7/km it synched to 7.45 and last 10min at 5/km told me that i had run at 5.30/km. what’s going on? am i using it incorrectly???

    • Jaclyn, I think you are using it correctly. The current pace has some averaging to it, albeit short. The average pace is averaged over a much longer time. Are you running hills, or is your pace changing dramatically as you run? This is one of the reasons I like the Garmin Training Partner feature. It tells you how far time and distance wise you are from your scheduled planned workout. I appreciate your issue; unless you are very consistent in your pace, your numbers can be way off. Unfortunately, the Garmin watches cost more money. If you need the accuracy, go for one of these.


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