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10 iPhone Apps for Logging Exercise

Keeping up with an exercise regimen is an essential part of maintaining good health and avoiding obesity, especially if you work in a sedentary profession that requires you to spend the majority of your day sitting still. Unfortunately, managing an exercise schedule while meeting the demands of a busy career can also be quite a challenge. It’s no secret that Apple’s powerful and wildly popular iPhone device can boost productivity, but it can also help you to manage your personal life and exercise schedules as well. These ten apps are among the best in the App Store to help you maintain and track your exercise habits, boosting your wellbeing and keeping your schedule under control.

  1. RunKeeper – GPS Track Running Walking Cycling – Avid joggers love the free RunKeeper app, because it not only offers coaching and audio cues through your headphones but also access to detailed pace, distance and time stats. Sensors help users measure heart rate, while building a detailed activity history for tracking over time. Notifications are sent when you reach milestones or new personal bests, making it easy to track your progress.
  2. Fit Phone – This $2.99 app not only tracks your outdoor activities with GPS features, but also body, running and weight training statistics over time. While the foundation of Fit Phone is and has always been tracking and logging features, it has evolved to encompass audio coaching, progress monitoring and scheduled rest breaks between sets for optimal results.
  3. Workout Plan – Fitness Schedule & Journal – Planning your workouts and logging the results is quick and easy with this free app, which helps you to create a workout plan that meets your individual needs and then log your progress through those exercises. You can create long-term workout schedules to manage your fitness routine through the foreseeable future, but also suspend workout alerts while you’re on vacation.
  4. iStayFit – With predefined workout plans and exercises for beginners and the option for more advanced fitness buffs to define and manage their own routines, along with superior tracking and logging features, this $9.99 app is one of the most powerful and popular fitness apps in the App Store.
  5. Flex Workout Log – Designed for use in the gym while you’re working out, this $1.99 app prompts you to collect calf, chest, forearm, hip, neck, shoulder, thigh, upper arm and waist measurements after logging a workout in order to generate progress reports that include current body stats, percentage changes and the net change in your body since beginning a regimen.
  6. Gym Hero – The simple interface and ease of use offered by this free app makes it a favorite among fitness aficionados that simply want to log their workouts and track their results over time, spending more of their valuable gym time actually working out and less navigating a clunky logging application.
  7. Exercise Tracker – Tracking your exercise activity and weight on a daily basis with the free Exercise Tracker app allows you to see the results of your efforts right on your iPhone’s screen, motivating you to continue reaching milestones and weight goals.
  8. iFitness Pro – Given a four-out-of-four rating and called “the best of its kind at the crowded App Store” by USA TODAY, iFitness Pro is a $0.99 application that helps you manage hundreds of exercises that are demonstrated through video and photos with accompanying text instructions. iFitness Pro also tracks exercises, food intake and body weight in order to provide up-to-the-minute stats regarding your progress.
  9. Daily Tracker (Journal/Diary) – Unlike other apps on this list, the free Daily Tracker app allows you to keep up every aspect of your life that needs to be tracked and monitored. An all-purpose logging and tracking journal app, Daily Tracker can help you monitor your personal fitness along with your personal life!
  10. Gym Buddy – This powerful and comprehensive $2.99 app is short on demonstration features that more advanced gym-goers find superfluous, but heavy on the tracking, logging and progress-monitoring features. View your results at the end of each workout, set up an entire month’s worth of workout plans through the Calendar view and email your workout history for backup purposes.

Your iPhone can be a very valuable weapon in your fitness arsenal, but it’s important to keep safety in mind while using it. Just as operating a vehicle can be incredibly dangerous while you’re texting, using distracting apps or sending email, so can many forms of exercise. Be sure that you’re logging your workouts after completion when you’re able to dedicate your attention to the task at hand, rather than attempting to do so as you work out or on your way home from the gym.

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Happy training!

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  1. Great round up. I would love to throw our app in the mix. It’s called trackbodi.es, and has a free and paid version that let’s you build any workout routine to track and also any body metric (weight, inches, body fat pct, etc). It’s for iOS and is available now at http://www.trackbodi.es (redirects to App Store). Thanks, and keep up the great reviews. I love your site!

  2. I found this extremely helpful.


  3. Hi,
    I just ordered the Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart HR Sensor, and I have an iPhone 5.
    Can you recommend an app that will help me track calories burned (for all types of exercises), as well as use GPS to track distance during outdoor runs (as well as HR)? How about MapMyFitness+ ?

    I’ve read that there are some pairing bugs to work out with this HRM, and that there isn’t compatibility with my current app (Nike+ on iPhone).

    I appreciate any insight you can offer. Thanks!

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