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AudioFlood recently contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing their product, the AudioFlood Waterproof iPod Shuffle bundle. I have used some other products to listen to music during my swim workout, so I was curious to test a music system that used a waterproof Apple iPod as the core of the system. I have used other music systems, and it has always been a pain in the butt to get the music formatted properly and transferred over to the device. With the AudioFlood, I can use iTunes to transfer my music directly to the iPod.

As far as my reviews go, most of them tend to be reasonably in depth without putting you to sleep. I always try to answer the majority of your questions, and if you do not see your question answered, you can leave a comment for me and I’ll get back with you.

In the beginning of my reviews, I always make it clear whether the unit was purchased by me, supplied by the manufacturer and returned, or supplied by the manufacturer and I get to keep the device. For this review, AudioFlood supplied the device, and I am not required to return it.

As far as the actual review goes, I am just your average Joe user. I’m not a pro, I’m not a fast runner or triathlete; I work out for fun and fitness. If you’re a pro, you may be in the wrong place. I do love technology (it’s also my day job), so I may be more excited about a new piece of equipment than you would be. So be it. Now…. on with the review.

So What’s In The Box?

The AudioFLood comes with a waterproof, iPod Shuffle 2GB with charging cable and standard iPod headphones, waterproof AudioFlood earphones, an audio extension cable, a swim cap, superglue and a carrying pouch.


The iPod Shuffle 2GB is unique because it has been totally waterproofed by AudioFlood:

IMGP1027aHere is the swim cap:


Here are the waterproof headphones:


Here is the audio extension cable:


Here are the extra waterproof earbuds:


Here is the superglue adhesive:


We will start off by talking about the audio player. The Apple iPod Shuffle has always been a great audio player for working out. It is small, very light, clips to just about anything, has 15 hours of battery life, and holds hundreds of songs. You don’t have to look at a screen to use it; you can use it by feel alone. All of these features make it a great running audio player, and if you can waterproof it, it makes for a great swimming audio player.

Here are the basic functions of the Shuffle top buttons:

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 8.03.37 PM

 So How Do They Sound?

The first thing I did when I got the AudioFlood Waterproof Shuffle system was to load up some music on the iPod. Listening to the earbuds while working on the blogpost, I immediately noticed a lack of bass response. It is critical to get an airtight fit in your ears to get decent low frequency response. I tried a bigger earbud insert and that helped some. I have seen this with some other underwater headphones, so I realized that the true test is listening underwater. As I said, you need a good seal around the headphones to get good low frequency response, and water can push oh the outside of the earphones to improve the seal. Underwater, they performed much better. You need to realize that these are waterproof headphones, so they’re not going to sound as good as your $300.00 Shure or Bose headphones. Out of the water, the new iPod/iPhone headphones sound better. That being said, when listening underwater, they sounded as good as anything I’ve tested.

Are They Really Waterproof?

When I first researched the AudioFlood iPod system, I say this video on their website. Needless to say, I was dying to try this and see if it was really true: 

AudioFlood Waterproof iPod Shuffle Washing Machine Torture Test

Before I did this, I thought I would soak the whole system overnight in a glass.  I figured since they are waterproof, it was ok:


After 12 hours, the worked just fine. I also wondered how well they waterproofed the iPod audio jack. Apple clearly claims that their iPods are not waterproof, and you can’t leave them in a glass overnight. I figured this may be the worst case test, since the hole for the audio jack was exposed, and this may be a pathway in for water. So, I gave it a try:


I left it overnight, and it worked flawlessly. I searched the AudioFlood website to try and learn how they waterproofed the iPod. Here is what AudioFlood claims they do, and how it works:

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 7.29.07 PM

To show how confident they are with their waterproofing system, they back their product with a 2 year warranty. For a device like this, 2 years is a long time. That is reassuring, since I have heard of other competing systems failing after a year.

So, did I perform the washing machine test? Yes, I did, and the complete system passed with flying colors.

Using the Headphones

First of all, the headphones fit well. There are 6 different sizes of the earbuds, so you should be able to find one that fits snugly in your ear for running or swimming. For swimming, you need to have a tight seal so that water doesn’t get into your ear canal. This is one of the reasons they give you the superglue. I waited until I was sure that I had the right sized earbuds before I used the superglue to glue the earbuds onto  onto the speakers.


The iPod quickly mounts on your rear goggle strap, and you’re ready to swim or bike:



Here is a video of how to attach the waterproof AudioFlood Shuffle and Headphones to Swim Goggles:

The iPod play button is big, so it’s easy to get music playing and pausing quickly. You also quickly learn where the volume buttons are.

Once you’re in the water, press play, and you’re ready to go. That’s all there is to it.


Thoughts, Opinions and Summary:


  • It definitely is waterproof. The iPod and the earphones seem to handle water well.
  • There is a two year warranty on the product, so you can rest comfortably with the leaky water question.
  • The iPod is easy to use and sync music to, and a quality audio player.



  • Headphone bass response is lacking. This is not unique to swim music players. It gets better bass response under water, but if you are using it to run, you might want to use the earbuds that come with the iPod (these are supplied with the AudioFlood kit, but are now waterproof).


Closest Competitors

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The AudioFlood iPod bundle retails for $140.00.

Waterproof iPod Shuffle by AudioFlood

So who is AudioFlood?

Here is what they have to say on their website:

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 7.33.11 PM

It seems to make sense that a manufacturing engineer came up with the way to waterproof  the iPod and headphones:)

That’s it for today.

Enjoy your workout.



  7 Responses to “AudioFlood Waterproof iPod Shuffle – In Depth Review”

  1. I love my AudioFlood but need to delete books I have listened to and am not able to figure out how to go about it. Can you help me?
    Thanks !

    • Patty,

      You typically add or delete music and books from iTunes. Connect your iPod, open iTunes, and click on the iPod button in iTunes. If the book is an MP3, it will be listed in the music section. Remive the checkbox, and resync. It will be eliminated from your iPod.


  2. I was super excited when I got AudioFlood set for Christmas. I have question about the short cable headset and the extension cable . Can I use the extension cable while iam swimming as well the exposed gold connection where the cables connect is exposed and iam not sure .


  3. I am a swimmer and want something that will play Pandora radio as I do not have the time or techno sense to download anything.needs to be simple to use. Would be great it earbuds were blue tooth. Does this system play Pandora or do you know any waterproof system and does? Thanks

  4. Hi, just got the set up but it didn’t come with superglue. Can I still use the earplugs without the superglue or will it leak water?

  5. I’ve owned the waterproof iPod for several months. It works great OUT of the water but once I start swimming, water gets in my ears and i can no longer hear the sound. I’ve tried all the different earplug pieces but it happens with all of them. Your blog is the first time I’ve read about using superglue to seal the earplugs. I don’t remember reading that in any of the instructions that came with the device. Do you think that’s the solution? I hate to glue the earpieces because once its done, I can never change the size.

  6. How do you charge it with an audio extension cable? I don’t know what the other end goes into? Mine didn’t come with a normal USB

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