Apr 292014

RunKeeper has just added a new feature called Goal Coach to the RunKeeper iOS app. The goal of Goal Coach is to get you motivated, and help pick goals that are realistic and specific to you.

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RunKeeper claims that users who complete their goals log 50% more miles and 30% more workouts per month than if they hadn’t set goals. Pretty impressive!

Here’s how Goal Coach works:

In the new Goals tab (previously labeled “training”), enter your motivation—whether it be Finish A Race, Lose Weight, Longest Distance, or Total Distance—and add a corresponding picture as a reminder of why you’re putting in all this hard work.




In this example, I chose Total Distance for my goal, and entered 500 miles:



If you choose Finish A Race as your goal, here is the screen shot that shows you how to do that:


If your goal is Longest Distance, here are the settings:


If you choose Lose Weight as your goal, here is the configuration screen:


Once you have chosen your goal and entered it, you will see your progress every time you press the Goals tab:


This shows my goal of 500 miles, and how close I am to my goal.

RunKeeper mentions that “Goal Coach will help you set the right goal and training program that is challenging yet within reach. Goal Coach does this by intelligently combining everything it knows about you and others like you, to make recommendations that are specific and effective for your needs and lifestyle”.

Besides tracking your goal, RunKeeper also offers free and paid training plans to run a race, lose weight, achieve your longest distance, or hit your total distance number.

Goal Coach is a free feature and download for any RunKeeper user. When paired with RunKeeper Elite, Goal Coach keeps you motivated with weekly updates on your progress and helpful suggestions on how you need to adjust your goal for success. Here are some of the metrics you can see with RunKeeper Elite:


Starting May 1, Runkeeper Elite prices will increase to $9.99/month or $39.99/year for new users only. If you sign up before May 1st, you can get the current lower price. All current Elite users are grandfathered into their current pricing plans.

That all for now.

Enjoy your workout.


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