Jan 172016

Polar Balance

One of Polar’s latest offerings is the Polar Balance smart scale. Here is the info from their website:

Did you gain a few of those Christmas pounds? Or maybe made a new year’s resolution to start a healthier life. The new Polar Balance is a complete weightmanagement service that combines the Polar Balance Bluetooth® Smart scale, a Polar wearable fitness device*, and the Polar Flow app and web service.

Step on the Polar Balance scale and your weight is sent to your Polar product or directly to the Polar Flow app (iOS 2.5.1 & Android 2.5.2 or later). From then onwards, Polar Balance with thBalance appe help of your Polar wearable, will keep you on track based on your weight and daily activity by giving you motivational feedback and advice on what you should do to reach the set goal weight.

After defining the target weight and time you want to lose those pounds or kilos, Polar Balance will tell you with just one glance are you losing or gaining weight and whether you should eat less or be more active. All you need to do is make sure you reach those daily activity goals shown on your wrist and maintain a steady, healthy diet.

This is how it works:

Balance-app-251x500Firstly, if you already don’t have a set up Polar wearable device, set up your Polar wearable* in Polar Flow. If you already own a Polar wearable, make sure it has the latest software.
Step on the scale and pair your Polar device with the Polar Balance Bluetooth® Smart scale. Your weight is also synced to your Polar fitness device when the scale indicates ‘OK’.
Sync your Polar wearable to Flow using your mobile or cable. After you’ve synced the weight to Flow for the first time, you’ll find the Polar Balance weight management service under the Diary tab in Flow.
Set the desired weight target in Flow web service and follow the personalized guidance

You can find detailed instructions about the first set up and usage from the Polar Balance manual.

*Polar Balance compatible Polar wearable fitness devices are Polar Loop, Polar Loop 2, Polar Loop Crystal, Polar M400 and Polar V800.

The Polar Balance scale is available now in two colors, black and white, for $99.90 from www.polar.com. After purchasing the scale, the Polar Flow web service with the Polar Balance service is available free of charge for all Polar Balance scale users.

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