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Apr 102014
GPS Watch Versus the Phone - How To Choose?

There seem to be two different lines of thought when it comes to the hardware used to measure your run. The first is to use a GPS heart rate monitor watch; the second is to use a heart rate monitor strap with an app on your phone. So which one is better? What are the pro’s and con’s of each? Well, that’s a good question.

Jan 282013
MIO Alpha

Not sure if you’ve all seen this, but it is the MIO Alpha. The Alpha is a heart rate sports watch that doesn’t use a separate heart rate monitor chest strap – the heart rate measurement is built into the watch. We are posting the announcement, and a brief description. The watch retails for $199.00, [Read More...]

Dec 032012
Suunto Ambit Users Can Now Develop Their Own Features

Suunto Ambit users and software developers can now personalize and create new features. Check it out: Suunto takes a community driven approach for their Ambit GPS watch 11/29/2012 Starting from November 29th, Suunto Ambit users can download and develop their own features in the Suunto App Zone. This makes the Ambit the first GPS watch on the [Read More...]

Oct 062012
Week In Review - October 7th, 2012

I hope you all had a good week. We are boack in the office, and things are starting to settle down. Next week, we will be reviewing the Sportiiis Heads Up A/V Performance heart rate monitor, and we will also have a review on Strava workout app. Stay tuned!   BE SURE TO “LIKE” US ON [Read More...]

Aug 132012
First Encounters With The Forerunner 910XT

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