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May 132014
Garmin Introduces the Forerunner 15

Garmin announced the Forerunner 15 last week. The Forerunner 15 GPS running watch has built in daily activity tracking, including counting steps and calories burned all day, similar to the VivoFit. It alerts users when they’ve been sitting too long. For runners, the GPS watch tracks distance, pace, calories, personal records, and heart rate. The watch is great for indoor and outdoor training, and works with the optional foot pod when you’re on the treadmill.

Apr 102014
GPS Watch Versus the Phone - How To Choose?

There seem to be two different lines of thought when it comes to the hardware used to measure your run. The first is to use a GPS heart rate monitor watch; the second is to use a heart rate monitor strap with an app on your phone. So which one is better? What are the pro’s and con’s of each? Well, that’s a good question.

Jan 282013
MIO Alpha

Not sure if you’ve all seen this, but it is the MIO Alpha. The Alpha is a heart rate sports watch that doesn’t use a separate heart rate monitor chest strap – the heart rate measurement is built into the watch. We are posting the announcement, and a brief description. The watch retails for $199.00, [Read More…]

Dec 032012
Suunto Ambit Users Can Now Develop Their Own Features

Suunto Ambit users and software developers can now personalize and create new features. Check it out: Suunto takes a community driven approach for their Ambit GPS watch 11/29/2012 Starting from November 29th, Suunto Ambit users can download and develop their own features in the Suunto App Zone. This makes the Ambit the first GPS watch on the [Read More…]

Oct 062012
Week In Review - October 7th, 2012

I hope you all had a good week. We are boack in the office, and things are starting to settle down. Next week, we will be reviewing the Sportiiis Heads Up A/V Performance heart rate monitor, and we will also have a review on Strava workout app. Stay tuned!   BE SURE TO “LIKE” US ON [Read More…]

Aug 132012
First Encounters With The Forerunner 910XT

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