Garmin 410 GPS Heart Rate Monitor Watch


The Garmin Forerunner 410 GPS watch is the successor to the Garmin 405. This watch logs your workout, and then transmits the data wirelessly to your computer, where you can view it using Garmin Connect online community. Two big improvements of the 410 over the 405 are an improved bezel, and the addition of Garmin GPS Hotfix. The Forerunner 410 has an enhanced touch bezel that lets you scroll and select, and improves the user experience when compared to the Forerunner 405.  The Forerunner 410 also introduces HotFix GPS satellite prediction, which greatly reduces the time to first fix. What this means is that when you are ready to begin your workout with a GPS watch, you typically need to wait anywhere from 30 second to a few minutes to get a GPS satellite lock before you can start your workout. Garmin HotFix calculates the current location of the GPS satellites, which greatly improves the GPS 3D satellite lock time. The bottom line is you don’t have to stand around as long waiting on the watch to get a GPS signal lock before your workout can begin.

Here is a quick video of how the bezel works:

Here are the main features of the watch:

  • All heart rate and GPS distance/pace functions
  • Measures calories burned during your workout
  • Download workouts to your PC with the ANT+ sensor
  • Garmin Connect and Garmin Training Software (both a free download) allows your workouts to be downloaded and analyzed, and user created workouts uploaded
  • Settable time, distance, calorie, heart rate, average heart rate, speed, pace, average pace, cadence and average cadence audible alerts
  • Virtual partner allows you to race against a pace entered by the user
  • Programmable interval workouts based on time or distance
  • Custom workouts can be created using the Garmin Connect software
  • Memory capable of storing 1000 laps and up to 20 hours of exercise data
  • Training mode settings for run or bike workouts
  • Locations can be stored in memory, and the compass display can be used to guide back to these stored locations
  • Adjustable backlight brightness and timeout
  • Auto Lap mode that triggers a new lap at a user defined distance
  • Countdown timer automatically starts the Forerunner after a programmable countdown
  • Auto Pause™ feature pauses the timer automatically when you stop moving
  • Auto Scroll feature scrolls the display through all of the training pages that have been configured
  • Time, time average lap, time elapsed, time lap, time last lap, distance, calorie, heart rate in bpm, percentage of max heart rate, heart rate graph, average heart rate, heart rate zone, laps, speed, speed average, speed lap, speed last lap, speed nautical, speed vertical, pace, average pace, pace lap, pace last lap, power(with optional power meter), elevation, total ascent, total descent, grade, heading, GPS accuracy, sunrise, sunset, cadence and average cadence can be displayed on the Forerunner screen
  • Up to three different items can be displayed at the same time on the screen
  • Up to five different screens can be scrolled through with the time between screens set to slow, medium or fast
  • Other screens that can be displayed are compass, map, and satellite signal strength
  • Adjustable backlight timer
  • Battery life up to 8 hours when using GPS
  • Bezel lock feature to avoid accidental bezel touches
  • The Forerunner 410 features the new HotFix™ capability, which estimates satellite positions and decreases the time to obtain a satellite fix
  • Works with optional foot pod, cadence bike sensor, and third party ANT+ power meters
  • The watch is water resistant to 1 meter. The watch cannot be used while swimming

The Garmin 410 is a GPS enabled sports watch that is geared towards runners. The watch can be used on a bike with the optional bike mount, but it is not waterproof and cannot be used while swimming.  The display is capable of displaying up to three items per screen, and can automatically scroll through different screens with an adjustable scan time. The heart rate function allows users to measure heart rate in beats per minute, percentage of maximum heart rate, or in heart rate zones (1-5). The GPS capability allows accurate measurement of pace, distance traveled, along with a host of other measurement options (see list above). It is capable of storing up to 20 hours of workouts, and the data can be downloaded and analyzed on your computer. Custom workouts can also be uploaded to the watch using the same software. If you are a runner, and want a way to measure your all aspects of your workout, this is the device for you.

Here is a video of the Garmin connect feature:

Here is a quick video on setting up the basic screen selections:

All of these videos, along with others, can be viewed at the Garmin Forerunner website

There are two versions of the Forerunner 410. They are:

Forerunner 410

Manufacturers Suggested List: $249.99

  • Forerunner 410
  • USB ANT Stick™
  • Two additional wrist straps
  • AC Charger
  • Charging clip
  • Quick start guide
  • Manual on disk

Forerunner 410 with heart rate monitor

Manufacturers Suggested List: $299.99

  • Forerunner 410
  • Premium heart rate monitor
  • USB ANT Stick™
  • Two additional wrist straps
  • AC Charger
  • Charging clip
  • Quick start guide
  • Manual on disk

Compatible Accessories:

  • USB ANT+ Stick
  • Speed/Cadence Bike Sensor
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Premium Heart Rate Monitor
  • Foot Pod

So would I buy or recommend this GPS watch?

This watch is mainly designed for runners. It is a good watch, but there are newer models on the market. If you are a runner and can pick one up inexpensively, then it can be a great product. Otherwise, buy one of the newer Garmin running watches, either the 210 or the 610. If you are a triathlete, go for the new 910XT, or the older 310XT.


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