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Here are our How To Guides. Check back for more how-to-guides in the future.


How To Choose A Heart Rate Monitor

If you want to purchase a heart rate monitor, but don’t know where to start, check out How To Choose a Heart Rate Monitor. This guide covers how to select a heart rate monitor for the type of training that you do.


 Beginning Heart Rate Monitor Training

If you just purchased a new heart rate monitor watch, are new to heart rate monitor training, or a seasoned pro, check out our Beginning Heart Rate Monitor Training How To Guide. This guide covers heart rate monitor training from beginning to expert, and is an ongoing blog series written by Jennifer Lynn.


If You Use Your Phone To Workout, Read This!

We thought we would add a guide that covers many of the heart rate monitor strap and software reviews for smart phones including Android, iPhone, and Windows 7 smart phones. Check it out at  If You Use Your Phone To Workout, Read This! How To Guide. Check back often, as we constantly update this page.




High Intensity Training

If you want to get faster, this may be the how to guide for you. Training at high intensities may just make you faster, with less training time during your busy week. Follow James as he checks the latest in training to go faster.




What’s The difference Betweeen Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart, and Bluetooth Smart Ready?

Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart, and Bluetooth Ready – What’s the difference?? Today we thought we would tackle the question of the differences between the Bluetooth protocols, and what it means to you.

Read about it here

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