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IMG_044810 iPhone Apps for Logging Exercise
Check out 10 workout apps for the iPhone.





Polar-H7Smartphone Apps that Work With The Polar H7 HRM strap
We have had many readers want more information on the Polar H7 Bluetooth Low Energy heart rate monitor strap. One of the biggest questions that readers have is, “Which iPhone apps work with the Polar H7?” So we set out to check all of the most popular apps that are out there.


Suunto Movescount
In-depth review. Movescount is software by Suunto that allows a user to create, download, upload, log and analyze workouts, and connect with other athletes. Movescount covers 61 different sports, and works with Suunto watches.


CardioMapper software is a heart rate monitor app for the Apple iPhones. The app can use a Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy heart rate monitor strap. CardioMapper uses the iPhone’s GPS, and logs heart rate, speed, distance, pace, and calories burned.




Sports Tracker for Windows Phone
The Sports Tracker software includes the ability to track and log your workouts, and to share them on Facebook, Twitter, and Tracking features include measuring distance, speed, duration, average speed and pace, max speed, and calories burned.


RunKeeper is a program that allows you to track your run. It uses the phone GPS to measure the distance you travel, and the time it takes to  perform your workout. With this, it can tell you total train time, speed, pace, distance, and calories burned.

Also check out RunKeeper Adds A New Feature:Goal Coach 



In-depth review. MapMyRun and MapMyRun+ are programs that help you track and log your run workout. The MapMyRun is a free app, with MapMyRun+ having more features and selling for $2.99.




In-depth review. Endomondo and Endomondo Pro are programs that help you track and log your run workout. Endomondo is a free app, with Endomondo Pro having more features and selling for $3.99.





LogYouRun and LogYourRun Pro
In-Depth review. LogYourRun and LogYourRun Pro are iPhone apps that help you exercise better, and log your run for later analysis. You can upload your workout to a free account on their website, where you can track your daily activity, get training programs, and more.





runtastic and Runtastic PRO In Depth Review

In-Depth reviewruntastic and runtastic PRO are iPhone and Android apps aimed at logging your fitness in a number of different activities and sports. runtastic is free, with runtastic PRO having more features and selling for $5.99.



Suunto Training Effect
Suunto’s Training Effect is a measurement of how hard you trained. It uses your heart rate information, along with your personal information such as age and maximum heart rate, to come up with a number between 1 and 5.


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