Nov 122012

Here is the latest iPhone app update from Sports Tracker. Check it out:

iPhone App Update and Other News from the Front…

The new version of our iPhone app just hit the AppStore! This time around the update includes full support for the new Sports Tracker Heart Rate Monitors, informative Heart Rate Zone features and stability improvements.

What’s New in Version 1.8.5 for iPhone

Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor support for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5! Order the compatible Sports Tracker Heart Rate Monitors

New Features

  • Pair with Sports Tracker Heart Rate Monitor 2 and SMART
  • See current, average and maximum heart rates during tracking
  • Learn Heart Rate Zone training with three new specialized views: Time Chart, Time on Zones and Distribution Details
  • Set up your HR Zones using your personal Maximum Heart Rate value (HRmax)
  • Switch heart rate display units any time: BPM or percentages of your HRmax
  • Use pre-set or custom alarms to stay in the right Heart Rate Zone during training
  • Change Heart Rate alarms also during workout

Other Improvements

  • Performance improvement for all charts during workout
  • Fix for crash preventing app working on some iPhone5/iPad devices
  • Fix for crash when opening a workout in Explore and User Profile views
  • Fix for crash while editing/adding workout manually

What’s up at the Sports Tracker HQ

Development & testing – that’s what’s up! Our new backend – meaning new super-fast databases and support for some awesome features – is currently being tested with real data. It’s looking good and is just incredibly fast! Work is also steadily advancing on the new web site and the improved Android app. Beta testing on both is coming up and we’ll be asking for your participation when the time comes 🙂

Beyond work the beautiful autumn sun is shining on the terrace of our Tampere office and it’s -1 celsius. Excellent weather for some biking in the forest trails. How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?

Happy tracking!

Team Sports Tracker

Jun 112012


SportsTracker has an update that fixes a few things and adds terrain maps. Here is the press release:

Sports Tracker for iPhone v.1.7.2 out now: Fixes and Terrain Map support

We pushed yet another fix to our iPhone app to address the issues some of our users have experienced. Thanks again for everyone that helped us track down those nasty little bugs!

We’ve also added support for Google’s terrain maps which is especially useful for those tracking outside the concrete jungle 🙂 You can switch to terrain mode by maximizing the the map in workout view and then opening the map options in the top right corner of the screen.

What’s new in v.1.7.2

  • Terrain maps
  • Email based login works now for all users
  • Sync crash fixed
  • Map crash fixed
  • Startup performance improved
  • iOS 4.x compatibility in registration reminder fixed
  • Comment field is not shown if the user isn’t logged in
  • Twitter sharing authentication fixed
  • A potential crash in settings view in case of authentication failure fixed
  • Version info shown in Settings view
To update your app just open App Store on your iPhone and check the latest updates.

Happy tracking!

Team Sports Tracker

p.s. An update to our Windows Phone app will also be out in the very near future 🙂


Happy Training!!


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Jan 082012

Here are all of the postings from the last week. Be sure to also follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Next week, coverage from the Consumer Electronics Show!



Saturday – Crossing the Sahara with Sports Tracker

Friday – CES and Bits and Pieces

Wednesday – Gotta Start Somewhere

Tuesday – RunKeeper – Do You Use It?

Monday – The New Year – Here We Go!

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Jan 082012

Polar talked about their new Bluetooth low energy HRM at the CES show. The Wearlink+ Bluetooth Low Power HRM works with popular mobile training applications such as RunKeeper, Sports Tracker, and Endomondo. The price is $79.95.

Polar will be replacing their current W.I.N.D.protocol technology this year. This should make their HRM’s compatible with other manufacturers’ products, displays, and their displays compatible with other Bluetooth Low Energy HRM’s.

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Jan 072012

We’ve all suffered through hot days when running long distances. Today, Finnish ultra runner Jukka Viljanen will attempt a solo run across the Sahara, covering 31 miles per day, for a total of 1242 miles. That distance is equivalent to running 4o marathons in 31 days. It is estimated that he will burn around 6000 calories a day. Pretty cool (or pretty hot)!

You can track his daily progress on Sports Tracker, Twitter and Facebook.


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Dec 192011

Sports Tracker, makers of training and logging software for the iPhone and Android, has released a new version of their software that runs on Windows Phones. Sports Tracker was started in 2004 at the phone handset maker Nokia. It was then spun off by the developers in 2009 after Nokia gave up on the idea. In addition to the latest version, they also make a version for the iPhone, Android and

The Sports Tracker software includes the ability to track and log your workouts, and to share them on Facebook, Twitter, and features include measuring distance, speed, duration, average speed and pace, max speed, and calories burned. With a Sports Tracker heart rate monitor (not compatible with iPhone or Windows phone) that connects to your phone via Bluetooth, you can log your heart rate during your workout, and upload this information to the Sports Tracker website for later viewing. I have included a few screenshots from the app, so you can get a feel for it if you haven’t used it.



Here is a screesnshot of the stats page. To start a new workout, press the new workout button.










Here is a screenshot of the workout screen:










Here is a screenshot of the Training Diary screen.










Once your workout is complete, you can upload to and view your workout on a map.

The app is a free download. Check the website to find out how to download it for your phone.

Sports Tracker, Nike+, and Run Keeper all make software phone apps that  allow you to measure and log your workout. We will be doing an in depth review of Sports Tracker in a future column.